Accounting Services in Singapore

Asia Gateway Singapore provides comprehensive bookkeeping and accounting services in Singapore. With the professional support of accountants, Singapore companies maintain appropriate and sound accounting and bookkeeping records for the company’s reputation. This record helps companies meet the compliance requirements set out in IRAS and ACRA. Our accounting and bookkeeping services and solutions can be scaled according to the company’s unique conditions. Professional and customer-focused staff act with integrity and integrity, listen carefully to understand your financial goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.All good accounting advice and assistance is provided at no hidden charge and is at your fingertips.

Find out how Asia Gateway accounting services in Singapore free you from day- to-day account maintenance through:

• Cloud accounting service
• Editorial financial statements
• XBRL Financial Report
• Bookkeeping service
• Set up accounting system
• Consolidated account
• Dormant company package fee

Cloud Accounting Services in Singapore

What are the advantages of cloud accounting services? Cloud accounting is an online accounting method that allows you to perform accounting operations on the Internet.By using cloud accounting software, you can easily access it from any device anytime, anywhere through a web browser running on the server. You can overcome all physical limitations and run all services in a more efficient manner. Cloud accounting enables companies to perform accounting activities easily and completely with no accounting background. Asia Gateway offers two types of cloud accounting services, Xero cloud accounting software and QuickBooks online service. You
can choose either to suit your business needs.To compete with Singapore’s business edge, you need to keep up with the latest technology. Choosing a cloud accounting service in Singapore allows you to easily compete with other industry players by managing your accounting operations smoothly.

Compilation Financial Statements and Reports Services in Singapore

All companies in Singapore, except exempt private companies and dormant companies, must submit an audited report to ACRA. The company must appoint an auditor within three months of establishment. The auditor audits the account prior to annual submission. The Asia Gateway offers a full account service that covers the audit servicethrough the relevant audit company. You can also make things easier by using Singaporetax services.

XBRL Financial Report Services in Singapore

Beginning November 1, 2007, ACRA requires Singapore corporations to submit financial
statements in XBRL. XBRL is an eXtensible Business Reporting Language, a speciacomputer language used to display financial statements based on online records or transfers. Records can be transferred directly to the auditors, financial analysts andmany of the goals regulators.XBRL provides value-added financial information,transparency, increased reliability, and timely delivery of relevant financial information.

Accounting | Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

An experienced accountant at Asia Gateway will ensure proper account management so that the company can submit annually audited financial statements to ACRA and IRAS. Proper bookkeeping facilitates daily account management and financial statement preparation and provides insight into the company’s actual financial condition. In Asia Gateway, designated accountants work close to you to assist you with accounts, reports, and related issues.

Setup of Accounting System Services in Singapore

Every company needs a proper accounting and bookkeeping system. It takes a lot of time and effort to do everything alone. The Asia Gateway will help you set up an accounting system based on your company’s specific needs using the appropriate
accounting software. Accounting software has been proven to increase efficiency, increase the ability to record and analyze, and improve financial conditions.

Consolidation Accounts Services in Singapore

Singapore multinationals must accurately represent the company’s financial results for
investors and related parties. The financial statements reflect the overall financial results of all entities related to the company. The Singapore accounting service’s consolidated accounting service ensures that the financial statements of the parent and
subsidiary are appropriate and relevant.

Dormant Company Package Fee in Singapore

From time to time, I understand that my business is sluggish. Consider slowing down your business. However, we want to keep the company at a low cost so that we can easily resume business when ready. As a leading corporate service provider, Asia Gateway’s always wanted to help SMEs in Singapore by providing customers with efficient and effective services at an economical price.

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